…we have an extraordinary God. – comment by Chris Collins

Do you ever think about how you’d manage as a Christian in another setting? Maybe you’ve heard stories of Christians in other parts of the world who’ve experienced real suffering. Recently at New Wine I heard the story of a Christian from North Korea called Hea Woo. I can’t share her whole story here, but a big part of it concerns time spent in North Korean prison camps. Whilst cramped into a prison cell with some 200 women and enduring awful conditions, she explained how she had managed to share her faith with other prisoners in the toilets (which were very unpleasant). Pretty soon a small church had formed…..which met in the toilet. Her full story is worth reading, it’s online. But when Hea Woo spoke what came across was that this was an ordinary person – not a superhuman – but an ordinary person with a deep personal trust in an extraordinary God, a God who could guide her safely through anything. And if that’s the case, then other ordinary people like you and I can keep going when push comes to shove – not because we’re super humans – but because we have an extraordinary God too. As David says in Psalm 20: ‘Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God’ (ESV). Yours in Christ Rev Chris Collins
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