Don’t turn yourself off from the Lord this summer – comment by Chris Collins

The summer generally gives us something different.

This might come via going somewhere for a holiday, but even just the opportunity to sit out on a patio or in a front garden gives us a change.

Summer is the time when (in theory!) we are happy to point our heads at the sky for long periods, or if we’re on the coast, at the sea….and we feel no need to justify doing it!

But relaxing shouldn’t mean turning ourselves off to the Lord. And I say this partly because I suspect one of the risks for churches is to think that busyness in some way equals godliness, but that’s not necessarily true.

The Bible tells us that God is intimately involved with all of the lives of his people, Psalm 121:8 stating that ‘the Lord will watch over your coming and your going both now and forevermore’.

So, be aware of God’s presence whatever your ‘coming’ is, and whatever your ‘going’ is. This summer invite Jesus into your work. And invite Him into your rest. Invite Him into your joy. And invite Him into your stress. And read the Bible unhurriedly.

In the words of Paul ‘whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.’ (1 Corinthians 10:31). Have a good one 🙂

Your in Christ,
Revd Chris Collins

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