Vicar’s Comment – November 2015

As I write this, National Adoption Week is about to happen.

You might be forgiven for thinking that we must be extremely fussy as it’s taking so long to be matched with the right children! Because there are still about 15,000 ‘looked after children’ waiting in care of various forms, but many of them are the most vulnerable and therefore the hardest to find ‘forever families’ for – siblings, boys, those with special needs, older children, and those from the black and minority ethnic community.

Many children are currently ‘held up’ in the system which is why matching can take so long. Others are surprised to hear that we don’t meet the children before we get matched with them.

Throughout this long process, that hasn’t really worried me – if we believe love is more than feelings, and is about commitment no matter what, then as long as we have tried to find children whose needs we can provide for, we can act with love towards them, even if it takes time for feelings to catch up (though I’m not sure that’ll take long).

What’s this got to do with God and faith and stuff? I don’t think I need to insult your intelligence do I?! Committed love, no matter what, forever families, all are welcome … remind you of someone? Someone who enabled each of us to be adopted into God’s family as his sibling, through his death on the cross.

You may not be in a position to foster or adopt but do pray, and do read, and do support where you can. Adrian and I have appreciated all that you have done so far in that way.

Thank you.


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  1. mairwen large says:

    Just found this having had a chat with your Dad earlier. I applaude you on what you are doing and all that you are having to put up with …Blessings on you four as you restructure your lives,

    Mairwen x(St Eds)

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