Vicar’s Comment – October 2015

I read a story in the paper this morning about a French couple living in Calais who, much to the disgust of some of their neighbours, took in a young Syrian man who had kept calling at their house as he had no food or drink.First they made him sandwiches, but then they invited him to stay.Ordinary people with a spare room.

Over and over again, the Old Testament asks God’s people, as part of their commitment to him, to care for the alien, the widow and the orphan – those most vulnerable from within their own people, but also foreigners.

I perhaps have a good reason why I couldn’t do the same as that French couple at the moment but what if I didn’t – would I be prepared to do the same? As they said, what if their son or daughter was overseas and in trouble – would they expect or at least hope that a native family or individual would help them? I find this all very challenging.

There are many ways we can work towards doing what Jesus might do in relation to those seeking refuge from a foreign war – it might be giving money sacrificially, praying, writing to our MPs, giving clothes, it might be volunteering with the project at the Cathedral, or it might even be offering a spare bedroom to someone for a time.

Tough radical love, just like Jesus offered.

Yours in Christ

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