Mission for May 2012

Arab World Ministries
The situation in Syria becomes more desperate every day. The nation is on the brink of civil war.
Christianity took root in Syria in the first century until Islam came in the seventh century. Today, about 10% of Syrians are Christians while 87% are Muslims. Many Christians adhere to Orthodox traditions, with a Protestant minority. One Christian town in Syria still uses Aramaic, the language spoken by Christ.
Under the present leadership, Christians have been allowed to co-exist alongside Muslims and others. President Assad has sought to protect Christians and allow them to co-exist peacefully with other religious groups. Pray that this may continue, regardless of the outcome of the present struggles.
Christians are not free to witness openly to Muslims, although Syrian and foreign Christians do seek to share the claims of Christ with their Muslim friends and neighbours.

Pray for:
• an end to the violence and for the best long-term solution to the complex crisis
• Syrians who have fled to Turkey and who now live there as refugees.

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