Mission for April 2012

Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)
Why does CPAS believe that leadership development is so important to the health and growth of local churches?
Firstly, because the evidence from research shows that church growth is massively influenced by the quality of leadership in local churches. Former Archbishop, George Carey wrote: ‘Show me a growing church, where people are being added to the faith and growing in it and you will be showing me effective leadership.’
Secondly, because the demands of church leadership are more complex than they have been for many years. In the last decade un-churched people are starting further back in their journey to faith and this increases the challenge of evangelism. Furthermore, the marginalisation of the church and its financial challenges make leadership a more demanding role than ever.
Thirdly, a ‘bottleneck’ of leadership is preventing many people from playing a full role in the life and witness of many local churches. Without strong, strategic and visionary leadership, gifted lay people are sometimes being held back from ministering as God has called them.
Fourthly, the Bible is clear that men and women are called by God to serve His people and purposes at particular times and in particular ways.

So pray for CPAS as it works to develop, support and enable leaders to help local churches bring men, women and children to Christ.

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