Mission for June 2012


What do Crosslinks Mission Partners do?
A huge variety of placements – but always with the aim of taking God’s Word to God’s World through front-line evangelism and the training of trainers. Crosslinks has people teaching in churches and theological colleges, doing student work, English teaching in Bible colleges, working with returnees (those who have studied abroad and returned to their home country as Christians), theological literature work, youth work, working with vulnerable children and training children’s ministry workers.
Here are two examples for current job adverts people to work for Crosslinks:
Bible School Teacher
Country: Congo
Skills and Experience Needed:
French language, BA in Theology
Position is self-financing
Duration: 3 years plus

Bible Lecturer
Country: Chile
Skills and Experience Needed:
Bachelor or Masters in Theology
Position is self-financing
Duration: 3 years plus

Did you notice the salary? Would you have the faith to believe God would supply the money needed to cover all your expenses?

Pray for the right people to fill these jobs and that the money will be forthcoming to all Crosslinks Partners in these difficult financial times.

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