Comment by Neil Tansley

For the supermarkets, the countdown to Christmas has long begun, and their shelves are already lined with festive food and trimmings in an effort to entice us in.

I have sometimes been guilty of playing their game of trying to buy the best Christmas. Inevitably, when I have thought that way, Christmas has only succeeded in disappointing me.

I have long since given up on the idea that there is such thing as a ‘perfect Christmas’, being content with the fact that instead we celebrate the birth of a perfect saviour.

I do love Christmas and am inspired by these words about the incarnation: God coming among us and opting in to all that the world is, means that instead of being worried about being contaminated BY the world, we should be concerned with contaminating the world with grace, justice, generosity and the love of God. Nick Baines (Bishop of Leeds)

Truly we have the best gift to offer.

Neil Tansley
Congregation Member

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