“The big Bible story of God” – Vicar’s Comment Dec 2017

Fairly obviously, what is brilliant for Christians is that Christmas is about Jesus.

But there’s a risk (which I’ve found particularly in school assemblies and the like) that the Christian festivals give a ‘snapshot’ of Jesus which is unrelated to other ‘snapshots’ of Him.

So for instance, the Christmas Jesus is forever a 7 pound bundle of newborn joy. And the Easter Jesus is forever on the cross or forever rising from the dead.

One assembly idea I discovered had a good stab at linking all of it together – it involved a Christmas present being opened to discover an Easter egg inside….and I’m sure you can see the connection it’s trying to make.

Our Advent preaching series this year is in a similar vein – the series is called Matthew’s Messiah, and it links Jesus’ birth to Old Testament passages which point towards Him.

Hopefully it will help us see not just how Jesus’ whole life fits together, but also how He fits the big Bible story of God working to save his people for ever and ever.

Your in Christ,
Rev Chris Collins

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