“Light in the darkness” – Vicar’s comment Nov 2017

On October 31st various members of St Christopher’s take to the streets of Saffron Lane as part of the Angels & Heroes event.

And it’s called Angels & Heroes for a reason – the idea is that our costumes are the opposite to the Monsters & Zombies costumes which go with the normal Halloween celebrations, symbols which (in an admittedly cartoon-ish way) play on human fears of ‘things which go bump in the night’ – fears of the darkness.

And that’s interesting, because although people are afraid of darkness, the Bible in John’s gospel actually tells us that the darkness is where human beings naturally like to hang out: ‘Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil’ (John 3:19 NIV).

When I read passages like that, I get a reminder of how the Bible never sugar-coats things!!!! Darkness isn’t just a place where things that scare human beings hide, it’s where they hide too. Darkness is real.

But, thank the Lord,…..Light is real also, and it is greater than the darkness! And in Jesus Christ there is light to illuminate & guide people back to God – light, as always, is the solution to darkness, just like when we turn on a light switch.

Please pray for God’s light to shine through our annual ‘Angels & Heroes’ event, and in our community generally.

Yours in Christ,
Rev Chris Collins

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