New horizons. Same God – Comment by Chris Collins

New people. New horizons. New blessings. Same God. Moving to a new church family in a new area brings nervousness but also expectation and excitement that God might bring in a new season of life and ministry.

We have moved house many times in recent years, but this time, in anticipation of moving here to be vicar, I found myself praying the same way Moses did in Exodus 33:15 before he led God’s people on their way: ‘If your presence will not go, do not carry us up from here’ (NRSV).

Fast forward thousands of years and the good news for Christians today is that the Holy Spirit living within means God is always with us, although the temptation remains to do things in our strength, or relying too much on whatever natural advantages our circumstances afford. Moses’ prayer reminds us that if God doesn’t do the work, all is futile.

How good it is to know that the same God who has blessed us so richly in Christ, remains faithful in whatever season we find ourselves.

Thank you all for the warm welcome we’ve received and may God bless us mightily as we seek Him together.

Yours in Christ.

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