Mission for October 2012

Tearfund’s Disaster Fund


Our climate is changing: extremes of flooding and drought are threatening the survival of some of the world’s poorest people. In Britain we have just experienced the worst September storm in thirty years. At present typhoon Jelawat is raging off the coast of Philippines. Will it make landfall? Will it bring flooding?
Last week, heavy rains caused flooding in Cambodia and throughout the summer exceptional monsoon rains have affected large parts of Pakistan, the Assam area of India and Myanmar destroying homes, livelihoods and crops.
Hurricane Isaac thankfully downgraded to a tropical storm as it passed over Haiti in August. Even so it blew away about a tenth of the tents still being used by people who were affected by the earthquake over 2 years ago. Now the floods have receded, but there is a threat of cholera as water supplies have been contaminated.

 Pray for:
• those recently affected by floods – who have lost loved ones, their homes and all their belongings
• Tearfund’s partners as they seek to show God’s love in action in the midst of disaster.

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