Vicar’s Comment – June 2015

One of the standard questions often asked at interviews for vicars is ‘What is the Gospel?’ and ‘What is the church for?’

How would you answer them? Would you know that the vision of our diocese for the last 10 years has been ‘Shaped by God’? I hope so, as our bright diocesan magazine shares stories about that vision being played out in mission throughout the year.

Ten years, in which we have tried to make decisions and choices about how our churches act not according to what suits us but what suits God, so that he can shape our Christian communities. That involves some sacrifice and change – sacrifice in things like sharing clergy between churches or giving more generously even in a time of austerity; changes in perhaps how or when we prefer to worship in order to attract new people to Jesus.

In our own local context, many of you have sacrificed time and effort to get Café Heaven off the ground, for instance.

And so we hope and pray and expect growth in God’s kingdom on earth, in Leicester, in Saffron Lane – in the depth of our discipleship, in the numbers of people becoming Jesus’ disciples, and in our serving the world.

And thankfully Pentecost reminds us that God’s powerful Spirit gives us the strength to do it!

Yours in Christ,

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