Jesus of the Nativity (and the Resurrection) – Vicar’s comment

One person I know read Mark’s gospel not so long ago, and was struck by the fact that Jesus knew He was going to die.  It wasn’t just something out of control that happened to Him.

Perhaps that’s a telling observation.

At Christmas we recite that first nativity story, of our Lord being born.

However, for so many people they never really get beyond the first part of the story…..almost as if for them Jesus never really gets out of the manger!

But the Jesus of the nativity, is the Jesus of the cross, is the Jesus of the resurrection and is the Jesus who will one day return.

All of it happened, and all of it holds true for us……all of the time.

Why not pray for someone this Christmas that they come to understand more of the whole Jesus of the whole gospel?

Yours in Jesus,

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