Betrayal – Comment by Terry Needham

Betrayal – definition:

Not to be loyal to one’s country.
To be disloyal to another person.

Someone very dear and close to me has been betrayed.  They have been married to one another and known each other for fifty years.  They have had their ups and downs, but still he was betrayed and yes, he still loves her.

At Little Angels, on Thursday 23rd June, a Polish mum of two said that she feels betrayed by the out vote in Brexit.  I can only try to reassure her through my and her faith that everything will be OK.

Peter betrayed Jesus (John 18: 17) – ‘Are you not one of Jesus disciples?’ a girl asked Peter at the door.  He replied ‘I’m not’. He not only betrayed Jesus once, but three times. Would I betray Jesus like Peter or Judas?  Hand on heart I think I would.  I would be afraid.  Surely some time in our lives we must all have experienced fear or hate.

So I’ll listen to the mum at Little Angels and try my best to reassure her and my someone close to me.  I’ll go with their love, not hate or fear of what comes next.

Terry Needham
PCC Member

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