April Comment by Terry Needham

I’ve visited a few destinations abroad and if I get a chance I always visit a place of worship.

Many of the churches or cathedrals won’t allow you in with bare shoulders or very short shorts and in a few you may even have to cover your head.

Many religions have different clothing; Sikh men and some women wear turbans; Buddhist robes are bright orange.  Jews wear a fringed shawl called a tzitzit; the tassels are a reminder of the commandment in Numbers 15: 38-40 ‘it shall be to you a tassel to look upon and remember all the commandments of the Lord’.

You may want to know why I’m talking about religious head dress or clothing. The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres supported two vicars who grew beards as a way to reach out to British Muslims.

I’m all for learning a little of every religion; I went for a year to a Mormon church; some of my family are Catholics. But I don’t have to wear a hijab or a turban to follow my Faith.

We all believe in different prophets, but although there is only one God, Christians worship God as revealed in Jesus.

Terry Needham

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