Vicar’s Comment – Sep 2014

‘Success is one person inviting another’ – so says Michael Harvey in his book and training course ‘Seasons of Invitation’ that Elaine and Rob and I went on a few months ago. Note – he doesn’t say that success is the invited actually coming along. He argues that it’s all very well us believing that we are welcoming churches, if we
hardly ever invite anyone to anything. You can’t welcome someone who’s not been invited (to state the obvious!).

I would say that, at St. Christopher’s, we have a relatively high number of good
visitor-friendly activities for such a small church, but we don’t so often see new faces at them – think about our fun outdoor communion service at the end of August and BBQ? Perhaps you did invite someone but they didn’t come – that’s fine and well done.

Throughout September we are going to think about how we can grow in confidence to invite people to meet our Lord Jesus Christ who we would claim has changed our lives for the better… I’m preparing myself to be challenged – I hope you will too.

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