Vicar’s comment March 2015

I’ve never been one of those vicars or Christians who can quote bible passages just like that – hopefully that encourages rather than horrifies you!

Because it’s not the most important thing about being a Christian, though becoming more familiar with the bible as you go on is really useful.

These days you can always Google a bible passage or use a concordance or bible dictionary. And I used to feel very unconfident about the Old Testament especially.

Amongst other things, co-writing and teaching the Discovery Old Testament module though has really helped and I hope it will help you too as we use it during Lent this year.

It won’t leave you able to quote bible passages but it will hopefully help you grasp the big picture and the main events; to see that people and families then were as complex as they get these days.

And to know that God is continuing that work of salvation started in Old Testament times, brought to a climax in Jesus’ death and resurrection and worked out through us now.

And when you forget the details, you can always re-Discover them with a bit of help from Google, just like your vicar does.

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