Vicar’s Comment – Feb 2015

‘Angry Jesus’… does hearing those two words together make you feel?

It’s not often we think of or accept that Jesus felt anger but my daily Bible reading was the story of Jesus being angry at the Pharisees’ reaction to him healing someone in Mark 3:1-6.

There are a few things in my life making me angry at the moment, and I expect you feel angry too sometimes. Anger is not sin, if Jesus felt it too. So it must be what it leads to that’s crucial.

That bible reading said that the Pharisees had allowed their anger at Jesus and other things to cause them ‘hardness of heart’. If we keep stuff in, that’s the danger. But Jesus will have used his feeling of righteous anger at injustice towards those in need to spur him to action. To heal people physically, and to heal people emotionally by reaching out, even to those Pharisees if they’d make peace with him.

The song played in today’s ‘Pray As You go’ (PAYG) app on my phone was Ladysmith Black Mambazo singing “O my heart be wise when your enemies surround you. Keep praying; ask the Lord for help. For he is powerful. That is your weapon; do not lose it. Pray without ceasing, for the Lord is powerful”.

Today I need to choose how to act out of my anger – to keep chuntering and harden my heart? Or to ask God for strength to work towards peace and better relationships?

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