Vicar’s Comment – December 2014

More than one person has recently asked me something like, ‘Well, what happens to your vocation if you’re giving up work?’

When I did the CPAS (our church’s patron) Arrow Leadership Programme about 9 years ago now, we had to complete a ‘Personal Vision Statement’ about our calling; mine included lines like ‘I enjoy growing things from small’ and ‘creating a space in which people can flourish’.  And so in that sense, I see mine and Adrian’s choice to apply to adopt as very much within that vocation, rather than at odds with it.

I have always hoped to live a Christian life that is bigger than simply my role as vicar.  Our baptism is when we are all called to ministry and God leads us into different things at different times.

Right now, we think (and we may be wrong), that God is calling us to parent a child or children in this way and I want to give my full attention to that rather than juggle it with the very unboundaried and demanding job that is being a vicar.

But I expect God may well call me back into paid ministry in due time, and I remain an ordained minister.

Thank you so much for graciously accepting our news and taking an
interest in it all.  After all, everything we do is God’s work – work given to us as children adopted into God’s family.

Yours in Christ,

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