Vicar’s Comment April 2015

As I write this at the end of March, I’m about to head off to take the Mothers’ Union Lady Day Service being held at St Andrew’s Church, Aylestone this year.

In the past I would probably have turned down a request to take this kind of a service as I’ve found things around mothers and babies difficult at times but it’s easier now that I’m getting nearer to adopting (hopefully).

But it means that I’ve reflected a lot on some of the obsessions that people have about the need to know you’re biologically related to someone.

I do find it fascinating that we can prove that Richard III is who he is through his shared DNA with people living today – I studied biochemistry so carried out DNA fingerprinting at college myself.

But here’s the thing…Jesus teaches us that our biological relationships are not the most important. When his mother and brothers approached he controversially said that his followers were his mother and brothers.

God calls us his children and he our father and yet we do not share DNA with him. And goodness knows what you’d find if you DNA-fingerprinted Jesus!!

So whether you have a biological family, or are single; whether you’re thrilled that Benedict Cumberbatch and Jon Snow are distant relatives of RIII, or you’re bored sick of it; Jesus, on Good Friday, pays for our way to be adopted into the best loving family on earth – God’s.

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